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Meet our founder - Judi Cranston

A music educator at heart, this is what she has to say:

We all wear many hats – and I’m no exception!
Mum, motivator, musician, mentor… and that’s just part of the story.

I’m a survivor, a swimmer, a passionate traveller, a positive thinker, a dreamer, a believer in the power of possibilities and music.

I’m also a highly experienced teacher and a lifelong student. I believe that my journey, my values and my music have all shaped who I am and what I am now able to offer back to the world.

I was born in Auckland, the youngest of four children. Maybe my need to perform and entertain comes from having so much competition for attention at home! Anyway, I’ve always loved music and after gaining my degree (Bachelor of Music Education), I threw myself into teaching children of all ages – from pre-schoolers through to secondary.

Judi Cranston, kindyRock Founder

I loved performing as well, so in 2005 I left teaching to unleash my inner rock star, founding a group called Famous Fish. We toured extensively around New Zealand and were extremely successful in the corporate market, developing different products including a popular “Blues Brothers” show. At the same time I also developed the Famous Fish School of Rock, which went beyond the notes and music to providing inspiration and motivation.

In 2007, life threw up a challenge after breaking my knee on stage (ironically whilst performing Gary Moore’s “Walking”!) and as I couldn’t perform, decided to have a new focus. Using my teaching background, I created kindyRock – a music education company. I have since dedicated my energy and creativity to provide musical resources for preschoolers. Setting a goal in 2008 that I wanted my music to be used globally, I am proud to say that is now the case.


About Judi Cranston


About kindyRock

When kindyRock was founded our mission was to enhance children’s development with fun, musical activities. We soon realised that teachers, parents and caregivers needed to love the music just as much as the children we wrote for and providing the supporting resources to enable adults to deliver outstanding music sessions was important too.

So kindyRock developed a two-pronged approach. Creating amazing, fun, educational songs and musical activities that children LOVED and empowering teachers to use them.

At kindyRock our fundamental belief is that...

Music is the an exceptionally important tool to use in our children’s lives.

Not only does it help us feel good, it also enhances our learning, creates stronger brain connection, improves our emotional intelligence and has an enormous power to heal.

Using music early on sets our children up for LIFE long success and that is where kindyRock comes in.

Our music and teaching resources are used literally all around the world. In thousands of Early Learning Centres, Global Music Franchises and Community groups such as Jo Jingles ™ and mainly music ™ and Wriggle and Rhyme ™. It is used in homes, yoga, gym, ballet and, of course, music classes.

 Reason Why People Use kindyRock Music #1

The main reason our music is used by so many people is because they LOVE it! The reason the music is so loved is because we make sure every song contains these four things:

About kindyRock

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It must be fun or kids won’t use it and neither will adults!



It must be relevant to each child’s age and learning stage.



It must be worthwhile as an educational tool. All of the songs and resources encourage multiple learning skills.

Easy to use

It must be easy for you to use and for children to engage with.

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