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About kindyRock: Learning Songs for Kids 0-6 years old

Music helps children develop lots of skills as well as strong, healthy brains. Introducing small kids to music doesn’t just help them appreciate music, dance and do the actions for a song; it’s also a great way for them to learn, to develop new skills, and to train their brains. 

But picking the right songs and creating musical activities that go with it (for daycare, playgroup, in the classroom or at home) can be tough.

That’s why kindyRock has created hundreds of songs, musical sessions, and even lesson plans and training for early childhood educators.

Download the app to give your kids direct access to kindyRock songs - or sign up to get access to many more resources for early learning professionals. 

Meet our founder - Judi Cranston

We all wear many hats, and I'm no exception!

Mum, motivator, musician, mentor;
Survivor, swimmer, passionate traveller, positive thinker, dreamer, believe in the power of possibilities - and in music.

I'm a highly experienced teacher and lifelong student, and my journey, my values and my music have shaped who I am - and what I am now able to offer back to the world.

Judi Cranston, kindyRock Founder

My Journey Before kindyRock

I was born in Auckland, the youngest of four children. I've always loved music and after gaining my degree (Bachelor of Music Education), I threw myself into teaching children of all ages - from preschool through to secondary.

I loved performing as well! So in 2005, I left teaching to unleash my inner rockstar: I founded a band called Famous Fish. We toured extensively around New Zealand, and were extremely successful in the corporate market. At the same time I developed the Famous Fish School of Rock, which went beyond the notes and music to provide inspiration and motivation.

In 2007, life threw up a challenge after breaking my knee on stage (ironically whilst performing Gary Moore’s “Walking”!) and as I couldn’t perform, decided to have a new focus.

Using my teaching background, I created kindyRock – a music education company. I have since dedicated my energy and creativity to provide musical resources for small kids, from newborn to 6-year-olds.


About Judi Cranston


kindyRock's Global Success and Future

When we founded kindyRock, we just wanted to enhance children's development with fun musical activities.

We soon realised that parents, teachers and caregivers needed to love the music just as much as the children; we started providing supporting resources so adults can deliver outstanding musical experiences to their kids.

We're proud to say our music gets used by daycare centres, libraries, schools, early learning centres, global music franchises and community groups all around the world. It's also being used in homes, in kids' yoga classes, gym classes, ballet, and of course music classes.

In 2020 and with the help of Creative New Zealand funding, we're releasing a free app that will bring kindyRock music even closer to home - by allowing you to share the music with your kids safely and ad-free.

About kindyRock