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Free Songs & Music Activities for Little Kids

Educational music for babies, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten

Relax and calm down

Calm Kids Down Using Music

By kindyRock | 27th April 2021

How can music help calm kids down?   There is no doubt that music has the ability to change and influence our emotions. Think of certain songs that pull on your heart strings – perhaps take you back to another…

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Boys enjoying circle time

Songs for Circle Time in the Classroom

By kindyRock | 21st April 2021

Songs for Circle Time in the Classroom   Join us for circle time!    We’ve put together a playlist of over 20 songs for  kids ages 0-6 to enjoy.    These songs include kindyRock favorites and encourage fine and gross…

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Playing music for baby in womb

Inside My Mummy’s Tummy – Music for Pregnant Ladies

By kindyRock | 30th March 2021

Did you know that baby’s ears are one of the first organs to develop in utero? By 24 weeks of pregnancy your baby can hear what is going on around her.   Exposing your baby to music in the womb…

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Goodbbye to you my friend

Goodbye Song for Transition Time

By kindyRock | 16th March 2021

Saying goodbye at the end of the day or musical session can be a bittersweet end to a great day for your kids. Keep smiles on those faces with this goodbye transition song that is great for preschoolers and other…

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Child playing instruments made from the kitchen

Using Props for Instruments

By kindyRock | 16th March 2021

Using instruments is a great way to add some fun and another dimension to musical learning.   Traditional instruments can be expensive adding extra costs that might not work for your home, school, or classroom budget.   The good news…

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Kid Dancing

Toddler Dancing Songs – Action Songs to Make Toddlers Dance

By kindyRock | 16th February 2021

Dance around with kindyRock! There’s nothing like getting kids movin’ and groovin’! We’ve put together this playlist of kindyRock toddler dancing songs that will get toddlers dancing and moving around to the music! Toddlers can be extremely active – and…

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Hello Song for Kids Transition Time

By kindyRock | 2nd February 2021

This simple hello song for kids to sing along with is the perfect start to a kindyRock musical learning session and to say hello to your playgroup or classroom!   Not only is it a fun way to start the…

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Kids playing with beanbags on a parachute

4 Reasons to Use Bean Bags in Kids’ Music & Movement Activities

By kindyRock | 19th January 2021

Children need to learn and develop so many skills at an early age. Since there is a lot of learning to be had, why not try and make it fun?  We love coming up with new and exciting ways to…

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Child eating healthy with broccoli.

5+ A Day: A Healthy Eating Song for Kids

By kindyRock | 5th January 2021

5+ A Day is a brand new healthy eating song for kids by Judi Cranston. With simple lyrics and a fantastic healthy eating message, you can get your children to sing along and learn how to eat food that is…

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