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Heads & Shoulders Tummy & Knees Digital Album

$15.00 NZD


This is a very special album from Judi Cranston written especially for your little ones. Full of catchy easy baby and toddler songs. It has 16 toddler songs that cover a range of skills that are important for every little child to learn.

But there’s more!! It also includes 5 beautiful songs for newborn babies; a lullaby, a baby love song and some gentle moving songs which help to give your baby a head start in life by using music.

A few highlights include the favourite toddler songs Jack in the Box and Little Wriggly Baby. Plus the new simple Catch your Bean Bag song written especially for toddlers to help develop hand-eye coordination and catching and throwing skills.

Also including the worldwide favourite is Heads & Shoulders Tummy & Knees a fun funky song teaching parts of the body, self awareness and of course great music skills.

These songs are great for children under 2 and includes songs for new-borns so would be a perfect baby present. Ages 0-2. Also available on iTunes here.


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