Training: using instruments with children

Turn your School of Shock into School of Rock

Training: Learn to Use Musical Instruments with Preschoolers

Help Children Develop Loads of Skills + Strong, Healthy Brains

Using instruments helps children

♫ Develop their motor skills
♫ Develop a sense of rhythm
♫ Get a feeling of belonging + train social skills when they’re playing together with others in a group
♫ Get a taste for playing music - so they’ll want to learn more instruments later on

♫ Get a sense of achievement and pride from acquiring new skills

Introducing babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young kids to music is more important now than ever.

Introducing children to instruments is easier said than done!

Especially if,

♫ You’ve tried before, and playing music with the children usually turns into chaos and noise

♫ Your musical skills make it hard for you to plan the perfect music lesson for little ones

♫ This is one of 101 things on your to-do list, and you’re overwhelmed just thinking about it

Introducing kindyRock: Educational Music Resources for Teachers


I’m Judi Cranston, and I created KindyRock to help preschool teachers and other early learning professionals use music in a way that’s fun, easy and efficient.

We create songs that develop specific skills in children ages 0-7 + resources for teachers who want to use music, dancing and instruments in the classroom - without turning it into chaos.

Training: Using Musical Instruments with Preschoolers

4 Songs

We’ve included four KindyRock songs - you may have heard them before, but the training will teach you exactly how to use the music in the classroom.

You’ll get the songs in MP3 format; you can play them straight from your computer or your phone when in the classroom.

Video Training

The video training is 25 minutes, and it will show you exactly how to teach small children to play easy instruments - without turning the classroom into a wall of noise.

You can do this, even if you’ve never played an instrument before yourself!


Use the PDF workbook along with the training. It also includes teaching notes, lyrics and actions for each song.

Your kids will be using all kinds of instruments before you know it - and not only will you love your music classes, parents will love you for introducing their children to all these new experiences!

Step 1

Sign up for the Training

When you click “start the training”, you’ll be directed to our payment page; you can purchase the training with Paypal or Credit Card. As soon as you’ve made the payment, you’ll get access to all the materials.

Step 2

Watch the Video

Watch the video and you’ll know exactly how to get started. The workbook will help you get more insights - and give you a bit of background info. Using musical instruments with preschoolers has never been easier!

Step 3

Play it in the Classroom

We’ve included the songs in MP3 format, so you can download them to your phone or computer - and play them in the classroom. After the video training, you’ll know what to do - and how to make it fun and easy for everyone!

About the Training

Watch this short video in which I’ll tell you a bit more about the training and what it will help you do.


Not ready to start using musical instruments with your kids?

Download the free “starter kit” instead - 3 songs + teaching notes you can use to get your kids singing and dancing… while developing dozens of important skills.