Certificate in Preschool Music Education

Creative Music Lesson Plans
that help your kids feel like they’ve got a True Rock Star for a Teacher.

Join us in Botany, Auckland – for in-person training on the August 14, 2023.

Our Children are too important to surround them with DULL, BORING MUSIC.

It’s time to add some COLOUR to your MUSIC, raise the VIBE in your TRIBE and get your MUSIC PROGRAM ROCKING!


“I’m so thankful that I stumbled across kindyRock and have added RYMP to my knowledge base and experiences. Judi was always so enthusiastic and encouraging and this trickled through to all the participants in the course…and in turn will flow through to our program participants! Thank you!” Teri Skakum – Canada
Creative Music Lesson Plans
Creative Music Lesson Plans

Designing a musical experience for small children
is not as easy as it may sound.

Finding songs they love (and that won’t drive you crazy), and learning how to use that music to develop skills in your kids and achieve their learning outcomes in your kids into tools to develop different skills – it’s probably just one of the trillion things on that to-do list. Let alone trying to figure out how to come up with creative music lesson plans!


I am pretty sure that you are a brilliant educator and LOVE what you do. Working with kids is your PASSION in life. But there is this one small piece missing….


How can you create really engaging, fun music sessions without taking hours and hours of your time?

How do you just pull endless musical ideas out of your head on the spur of the moment without playing the same old songs on repeat? Or even worse just crossing your fingers and hoping that the other educator who can actually sing, will take over for you.

Where is your confidence hiding?

(Cue Disney music!) Where is that magic wand that will open the floodgates of musical creativity so everyone can live happily ever after???

In all my (lots and lots) of years working with educators and children, it seems to boil down to 3 key skills that will change your world when it comes to creating epic musical experiences with your kids.


– so you feel like can let go and be fun and silly with your kids and all the time knowing that they are still learning.


– so you can keep things fresh and exciting and come up with new games, songs and activities at the drop of a hat!


– they sit on the mat (or stand, hop, dance, boogie, wiggle and stamp) totally involved and absorbed to the very last song (AND are begging for more!)

Once you have mastered these 3 skills then after that the rest is EASY.

You get to be the Rock Star in your own classroom whenever you like!


So are you ready?

Are you ready to Rock Your Music Programme??

Training in Action

Rock Your Music Programme

Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education – Level 1

$249 pp


This preschool music course is for Early Childhood Professionals

including teachers, librarians, parents or anyone who works with children and wants to improve how they use music as an educational tool. AKA they want to be a kindyRock STAR!

This is a practical course where participants will be up and out of their chair and learning how to bring music to life in the classroom.

kindyRock STAR

LEVEL 1 Confident Foundations

*Develop Rockstar Confidence – so you can run super
engaging and fun music sessions anytime and anywhere.

*Unleash your Inner Creative Tap – no more puzzling
over music lesson plans for kids because you will be coming up with fresh ideas every day.

*Rockstar Status – learn how to use your presence to grab everyone’s attention so that your kids will stay focused, interacting and engaged till the very last song.

course outline

kindyRock STAR

LEVEL 1 – Confident Foundations


  • Why Music is SO good for kids brain development
  • The Ages and Stages of Development and how music evolves along with that.
  • Choosing the right songs for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children to keep them engaged and moving.
  • Creating Spontaneous music times (perfect for those rainy days!)
  • Top Tips for keeping children engaged right to the very last song.
  • Teaching Tips to keep your classes fun and fresh.
  • Using props in your classroom – instruments, scarves, parachute and lycra and whatever else you have lying around in your cupboard!
  • Bringing Te Reo Māori and other indigenous languages into your music time
  • How to feel confident using your singing voice even if you only ever sing in the shower
  • How to use simple puppets to bring your music to life.

What people say:

“This was such a fun course it was often hard to believe how much information was being shared! While I couldn’t be in the classes in person I always felt a part of the course and was motivated to keep on track with my learning and assignments.”

– Teri Skakum, Canada

“It was great to be able to do the course from home while the zoom sessions required participation especially through the break out rooms. Putting what you’d learned into practice straight away afterwards was also great”

Bridget Day

“Rock Your Music Program was heaps of fun and a valuable learning experience. I will go away with heaps of new ideas.

It was definitely worthwhile for everyone working with kids.”

Becky Fitness ECE teacher

“This was a fun supportive course where I was challenged to step outside my comfort zones and ‘Just do it!’ Being part of the zoom meetings built a sense of connection with the other learners. We are all there to learn together. Judi and team YOU ROCK!”

Ann-Marie Cunningham, Early Childhood teacher

“kindyRock is fresh and fun music. If I like it, the tamariki and their parents like it too”.


“Judi is filling a huge gap in empowering teachers to keep music alive in the programme”

Fay Young, Early Childhood Teacher, New Zealand

“I love that kindy rock is so simple and easy to implement into your ECE centre”

AE Auckland NZ

“Music helps bring new learning to life. The children’s engagement with each other using your music is brilliant. It’s different, exciting and inventive in comparison to other songs I use, and I love listening to them humming the different songs throughout the day.”

Mary Howard From Ireland

“I run a small music group with other in home educators and have found the online kindy rock workshops invaluable to my sessions and how to engage the children better.”

Helen Tauranga

Rock Your Music Programme
1-day Course

$249 pp – August 14th, 2023

Botany, Auckland


Monday 14th August – 8:45 am to 3:00 pm.

During the day, there’ll be some simple practical activities, and I’d appreciate it if you could bring water, something to write with, a puppet, a small soft toy, and your lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

If you’re unable to make it, you can transfer your ticket to anyone else up to one hour before the class starts. There won’t be any tests or exams, and we’ll be using puppets to create fun and excitement in any music class.

If you have any issues with payment,
need more info about bulk discounts,
or have any other queries for Judi –
Get in touch!

Got a question? We’ve got answers

Will this help to satisfy our NELP requirements for Te Reo Māori?

Yes this will have a focus on using simple Te Reo, creating songs with the language you already know, some new waiata and some easy musical games and activities.

Can I do this course in person?

Yes!! Join us! This is an in-person training.

Will there be any follow up courses or support?

Yes we are planning to organise follow-up training for those wanting to go deeper plus some online support if you want it.

What experience do I need to start?

NOTHING! This will be great for absolute beginners and also those with some experience.

What happens if I can't make it?

If for any reason you can’t make it, you can transfer your ticket to another person at any time, up to one hour before the course starts.

Are there any tests or exams?

There will be some very simple practical activities for you to do during the day, but no tests or exams.

What equipment do I need?

Please bring some water, something to write with, a puppet or small soft toy, and your lunch.

Tea and coffee will be provided on the day.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!!

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