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Do you teach 2- 3 year olds and you are bored or just over music time?

How about taking one simple song and turning it into not 1, not 5, but TEN ideas for your music time.


Join us:
Feburary 24th, 2021,
8:30pm NZDT

In just 40 minutes you will:

- Get clearer on how children’s brains work and the amazing impact that music can have on learning.

- Learn how to incorporate different learning styles whilst using this song.

- Discover how one song “Wibble, Wobble” can be used in many, Many, MANY ways such as with props, actions, instruments, puppets, sitting, standing, in groups and more.

Come along and have some fun with me, the (slightly) crazy kiwi lady who is changing the world and the impact music can have on the lives of our little humans!

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Meet Judi - your guide on this musical journey.

I'm Judi Cranston, and music has been a part of my life for as long as I remember.

I founded kindyRock to help parents and professionals use music in a way that is fun, easy and effective no matter what musical skills they have.

With kindyRock, I want to give more children access to quality educational music. Music they'll love, but that also teaches them new skills and trains their brains - and that will give them a taste to make more music when they get older.


Wibble Wobble Webinar:
Feburary 24th, 2021,
8:30pm NZDT

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