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Welcome to kindyRock

Based in New Zealand, kindyRock is a Music Education Company providing quality music educational resources for teachers, parents and other organisations around the world. Our music is fabulous for children under 7, although we have a lot of older friends as well.


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Power of Music

At kindyRock we are passionate about utilising the power of music to enhance children’s development. Music is such a great tool for strengthening our children’s brains and learning experiences, so we want to help you to be able to use this powerful tool as often as you can. We make sure that all of our music is fun, effective, relevant and easy to use.
Rock The Planet

Our main platform for delivering kindyRock resources is our members library called “Rock the Planet”.
Rock the Planet is jam packed with fun and educational music, videos, games and activities. It also includes a huge amount of resources that support the music such as lyrics, action ideas, teaching notes, extension ideas and more. All the products are acted online which make it easy to find and download exactly what you what you need.

kindyRock Shop

Not quite into digital? - of course we still have CDs as well which you can find on our shop page. We are
here to help you make your musical experiences fun, effective, relevant and easy!

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