I help Early Learning Professionals create epic music sessions that are fun, simple, and educational

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Do you struggle with creating engaging music activities for your classroom?

If you work with preschoolers and you’re ready to ditch the chaos at music time and start facilitating fun and engaging music sessions that hold your kids attention, then you’ve come to the right place.

Access all our music resources online now and I will teach you how to run magical music moments easily and effectively, that your kids absolutely love, so that every day becomes a Happy Music Learning Day!

What people say:

“kindyRock is filling a huge gap in empowering teachers to keep music alive”.

Fay Young, Early Childhood Teacher New Zealand

“kindyRock provides high quality musical experiences that work for children and adults! Thank you.”

Louise, Preschool Teacher, Australia

“kindyRock music is fun and easily learnt. Having easy and fun songs that educators can access has enhanced our curriculum making musical experiences more intentional.”

Mandy Alborn, Educational Mentor – Australia

Whether you’re an educator, run a centre, or simply want to learn how to engage your kids through music, we are here to help.

ECE Centres

Are your staff lacking in confidence or time poor?

I’m sure you know that music is a fabulous resource but it’s just not happening in your centres. You have no idea where to start, to upskill all of your staff and let’s face it you don’t have time either.

Why not hand over this process to us?

We will train your whole staff and provide you with the resources to get music humming in all of your centres and your kids moving and grooving while they learn.


Stop the overwhelm and start running fun and simple music sessions.

Do you find it hard to keeping your kids engaged in music time? Maybe you don’t know what songs to choose, or you don’t have time to find great resources. Or maybe it just feels like it’s too hard!!

All that will be a thing of the past. We offer music classroom resources to ensure your music sessions are engaging and fun!

And not only in New Zealand – we have Australian curriculum music resources too.


As a parent, you want your children to have easy access to music that will help them grow.

Music that doesn’t get on your nerves if you hear it more than once, and music that will help your children learn new things while they’re having fun.

At kindyRock we understand the pressures that parents are under these days trying to find great activities for kids that help them to grow and that are easy for everyone to use.

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Meet Judi – your guide on this musical journey

Hi, I’m Judi Cranston – founder and CEO of kindyRock.
I am a Preschool Music Education Trainer and Award Winning Composer for educators just like you who LOVE what they do and want to make a difference in the lives of all the little people that they teach. Educators who dream of feeling totally confident any time you “do” music so that the children you teach will be fully engaged and learning and you will say “OMG this is easy, fun, relevant and AMAZING!!”

I totally understand what’s going on. You want to be more confident in taking music, you want to keep kids engaged and you want music to be easy NOT hard. (Insert Wonder Woman music!)


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