It’s no secret that wrangling toddlers should be classified as an extreme sport!  Kids at this age love to be moving around as much as possible, and that’s just as true when it comes to learning.


When choosing learning songs for toddlers, it’s important to keep  this in mind!


You’ll want to choose songs that toddlers will want to wiggle to (because they will wiggle anyway!), but also packed full of juicy information to learn and listen to while they’re wiggling.


One great example of an action learning song for toddlers is the kindyRock March! 



This song is fun – which is the most important part for a successful learning experience at this age – and has specific directions for them to follow.


In this example, kids get to march, hop, twist, and jump along! 


We also put together this playlist on YouTube you can listen to with your toddlers that is full of action songs.


These songs encourage gross motor skill development which is perfect for toddlers. Look to incorporate fun action songs  into your musical time with them in the future!


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