Music is a great way to connect with babies, especially through sensory play for babies. Babies and infants respond to the different tones and rhythms introduced in the songs, and music can also be used for sensory learning. 

While trying to do activities with babies can be a little difficult, they do not need much to entertain them. We have a few fun ideas on how to do this while incorporating music and sensory activities. 

We’ve also created a video about sensory play for babies with music activities. If you prefer videos over reading, scroll down to watch! 

Make a Sensory Bin For Babies

Babies are only just starting to learn to use all of their five senses. 

Music helps them develop their sense of sound. While playing music with your baby, gather a selection of soft things from around the house to create a sensory bin. 

Examples of things to add to your sensory basket: 

  • Pieces of wool 
  • Fleece 
  • Flannel
  • Feathers
  • Yarn
  • Soft pieces of tissue
  • Soft toys

Basically anything soft you can find around the house!  

Using your Bin for Sensory Play with Baby Music

Next step: turn on some fun music and introduce the baby to your sensory basket. Rub the fabric on the baby’s skin, let them try and hold it with their hands and feet, let them feel the different textures of each item,… 

The idea is for babies to learn about the variety of textures of different materials and objects. 

There are many more sensory bin ideas that you can do with babies and toddlers. Take a look at the 10 amazing sensory bins for babies and toddlers and how they help with your baby’s development.


Use Your Hands for Sensory Touch

Touch is an essential sense for young babies as they learn about the world around them. 

You can use your hands to stimulate the baby’s learning through touch while playing music. This makes it an even more fun and interactive experience for them.

Start at the top of the baby’s head with your hands and fingers. Gently massage or rub your hands down their body naturally to their shoulders, chest, belly, legs, and then toes. Start again at the shoulders and finish with their arms and hands. 

When you are using your hands for sensory learning, follow the flow of the baby’s body. Always go from head to toe, to emulate the blood flow throughout their bodies. 

Don’t rub the arms or legs up and down during this activity, just use soft gentle touches. 

Finding the Perfect Songs for Sensory Play for Babies’ Learning

Some songs will tell you what to do with your hands and fingers, like in “Painting Fingers”. 

  • When we say “bouncing fingers”, jump your fingers around like they are bouncing on their body. 
  • When we say “running fingers”, use two fingers to do a running motion on their arms, legs, and tummy. 

Make it fun and exciting! 

To see exactly how to use Painting Fingers as a sensory learning song, click to watch the video below: 

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