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Educational Music Resources, Lesson Plans and Activities for Teachers or Early Childhood Professionals.
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Music activities help children develop loads of
skills + strong, healthy brains

Music creates stronger brain connections.
Dopamine creates a happier child, teacher and workplace
Develops Fine and Gross Motor skills
Language and Math skills
Spatial awareness
Memory and Cognitive Skills
Social skills
And the list goes on.......

That’s what makes using music at daycare or in the classroom so important! 

Creating musical experiences for the classroom is not always straightforward though:

♫ You may lack the musical skills to create songs that rock a child’s life

♫ You may not feel confident running a music class

♫ You don’t know how to use music as a tool to develop lots of skills

♫ You think you need a rigid lesson plan to make it work

♫ Or maybe this is just one of 101 things on your to-do list, and it’s overwhelming to think about it. 

Introducing the kindyRock Membership Site 
Educational Music Activities, Resources and Lesson Plans for Teachers and Early Learning Professionals

Over 150 songs
(and counting)

kindyRock features over 150 songs, lesson plans and musical activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children in kindergarten.
New content is added regularly with our "Quarterly Surprise Pack" containing lesson plans for different age groups, mini video training, new activities and music games.

Teaching Notes and Activities

Your children won’t be the only ones to benefit from kindyRock - there are lots of goodies in there for you as well. Learn how to prepare for music lessons, how to teach children to use instruments, how to use props in the classroom, and much much more.
PLUS every quarter you get FREE online music training for teachers and a FREE online kids party with Judi!

Song that
Teach Skills

Each song has been designed to train specific skills (e.g. motor skills, social skills), learning experiences (e.g. days of the week, math, language) or activities (playing instruments, dancing, etc). The teaching notes and music lesson plans will tell you exactly what to do - say goodbye to extensive prep work!

Plus our kindyRock App

Not only do kids get to have fun music in your classroom they can sing along easily at home with the kindyRock app. Providing a beautiful bridge between learning music in the classroom and learning music at home. All licenses give you full access to all content on our App too!

KindyRock music has added a whole new dimension to our playgroup. Both the children and the carers absolutely love the songs!

Michelle Budhathoki, Playgroup teacher.

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Meet Judi - your guide on this musical journey.

I'm Judi Cranston, and music has been a part of my life for as long as I remember.

I founded kindyRock to help parents and professionals use music in a way that is fun, easy and effective no matter what musical skills they have.

With kindyRock, I want to give more children access to quality educational music. Music they'll love, but that also teaches them new skills and trains their brains - and that will give them a taste to make more music when they get older.

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What people say about us

A huge amount of joy

I have worked as a Library Assistant for Auckland Libraries for 21 years and a great deal of my work has been with preschoolers and children delivering such programmes as Wriggle and Rhyme and Storytime. Judy Cranston’s kindyRock songs and activities have been an absolute highlight for me and one of my favourite and most frequently used programmes. Her music and activities have inspired and enhanced children’s learning and movement and given a huge amount of joy.

Lynda Dye - Library Assistant, Libraries and Information - Ngā Pātaka Kōrero o Tāmaki Makaurau - Auckland Libraries

It really works!

I teach Kindergarten and was looking for a song for sitting on the mat, most that I tried my kinders would just dance around which although lots of fun was not the aim, when I tried sit on the mat and clap to my surprise they sat on the mat clapped and sang the song by the end of the week they do it as soon as the song starts they also love the song, I hear them singing it all day and parents have told me they are singing it at home great song kindy rock you guys are awesome, my kinders also love the kindy twist.

Tim McQuade, kinder teacher Australia

Absolutely love the songs!

KindyRock music has added a whole new dimension to our playgroup. Both the children and the carers absolutely love the songs! There is a great variety of songs for all ages and styles. As a leader, there is lots of helps information on how getting the most out of the songs and the songs and actions are easy to download. We are excited to join for another year and look forward to more moving, shaking and drumming with Rock the Planet.

Michelle Budhathoki, Playgroup teacher



Not convinced? Try the Free Songs.

If you’re not ready for the full kindyRock experience yet, grab our free songs & lyrics! There the best songs for kids and come with teaching notes, so you can try kindyRock in the classroom - and get back to us later if you want more.