We’d love to share with you how we keep the holly, jolly holiday spirit with some kindyRock classic Christmas songs for kids!


Christmas is a magical time of year for any kid.


Singing carols, drinking hot cocoa, playing in the snow, seeing gorgeous light displays, and of course – the magic of Santa and presents!


Singalong Christmas Songs for Kids

It’s Christmas Time

Get in the holiday spirit – because “It’s Christmas Time!”

Kids will develop motor skills and listening skills by singing along and following the directions in the song – they’ll get to play with instruments like bells, drums, and shakers.

–> Watch It’s Christmas Time on YouTube

Merry Christmas to You

This is one of our favorite Christmas songs for kids, so grab your shakers or bells, join us, and help your kids wish family members and friends a Merry Christmas with this sing-along song for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Kids can play along with shakers and other instruments and learn more about playing on beat, playing with a group, and directional language – how to listen to instructions and follow them (playing louder, softer, in a specific direction)!

This Xmas song also encourages gross motor skill development and listening skills.

–> Watch Merry Christmas to You on YouTube

Nod Your Head

This Xmas holiday song encourages kids to learn gross motor skills and how to follow directions while dancing and singing along.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners can strengthen their understanding of body parts and listening skills.

This will quickly fit in as a holiday favorite that everyone will want to dance and sing along to!

–> Watch Nod Your Head on YouTube

Shake and Say Merry Christmas

Have your kids play along with shakers, bells, and clickers, or by moving and dancing to the music. They’ll learn directional language – how to listen to instructions and follow them!

This Christmas song for kids encourages gross and fine motor skill development and listening skills – a great holiday song for preschoolers.

Watch Shake and Say Merry Christmas on YouTube

Jingle Jangle Bells

This is a fun song that you can use your jingle bells with. It’s especially great for children who love to sing and dance.

This Christmas song teaches kids listening skills, directional language, and gross motor skills through following the song’s directions and shaking bells!

Kids will love playing, singing, and dancing along – while learning about movement, how to follow directions, and strengthen their understanding of starting and stopping.

Watch Jingle Jangle Bells on YouTube

Reindeer Dance

“The Reindeer Dance” is a huge favorite song with kindergarteners, preschoolers, and toddlers. Get in the Christmas spirit and play some reindeer games!

Kids will have so much fun learning listening skills and body movements while dancing along to this song! It works really well as an item for your holiday concert as well.

Help your kids imagine themselves as a little reindeer with a shiny nose, jumping, stamping, clapping, and shaking your tail – how fun!

Kids will also be learning listening skills and body movements while dancing along to this holiday song.

Watch the Reindeer Dance on YouTube

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