The Power of Affirmations 

As a parent or teacher, we have the power to influence children’s lives so that they grow up healthy and happy. One method that we can use to do this is through music! 


Music is a powerful motivator and can help young children express and navigate their feelings, before and after they are able to audibly share their thoughts and feelings with us. For more information on helping children do this, check out our blog “Little Kids Big Feelings!” which showcases some of our favorite affirmation songs for kids! 


Affirmations are positive thoughts that help shape and guide our daily lives, giving us the power to believe in ourselves. It’s important to grow and cultivate that self-confidence early in life to remind children that they are capable of becoming anything they want and can accomplish anything they set their minds to!


Check out the songs below from our NZ on Air Happy Minds Series to see how they can impact children’s lives!


Step Right In


Step Right In is all about boots The boots we wear can be magical, powerful, confident, and happy! 


What boots we decide to wear helps set us on the right path to walk down for the day! 


I Can Do Anything


I Can Do Anything is perfect for kindergarteners who are starting to explore their world and are gaining some skills. This song reminds them they can choose to be or do anything they want to. It also provides a great starting point for talking to children about their feelings and behaviours.positive Once we believe that we can do anything, we will! 


Put It In My Head


This song really taps into our intentions – are we going to greet the day with a smile or with a frown? How are we going to be with other people around us?


We are all reflections of the thoughts we think about ourselves. Negative thoughts will cause negative self-esteem, while positive thoughts will cause self-confidence! 


Helping children get into the practice of believing in themselves at an early age will set them up for success and help them reinforce their self-esteem.


kindyRock kids filming the Happy Minds Series

kindyRock kids filming the Happy Minds Series

You can find the lyric versions of each of these songs on YouTube


Check out this free Affirmations Activity that goes along with these new songs for more fun and confidence building! Click the link to download!


We hope you love these new videos and affirmations, whether you use them at home, in the classroom, or even for yourself! 


Let us know in the comments below how you start your day on a positive note!