Navigating feelings in small children is no small feat. Kids often don’t have the vocabulary built yet to fully express their feelings.

One of the beautiful things about music is that it can help children express their feelings through tempo, genre, lyrics, and more.

What’s more, music can actually spark these big feelings in our little people.

At kindyRock, we’ve made songs specifically designed to help kids build strong emotions about themselves through positive affirmations.

Put on this playlist and let the smiles and laughs help your child build their self-esteem.

Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify!

Listen on Spotfiy

You can also listen to some of these songs on our YouTube channel, but please note that not all songs are available on YouTube at this time.

Here are some of the awesome songs we’ve included that are great for talking about affirmations and feelings with young children:

  • Amazing with a Capital A
  • Everything is Working Out For Me
  • I am a Leader
  • I am Amazing
  • I am Happy
  • I Can Do Anything
  • I Choose to be Happy
  • I Choose to be Healthy
  • If You’re Happy
  • My Life Gets Better
  • Put it in My Head
  • Step Right In
  • Juicy Thoughts

Even just the song names bring a smile to our faces! It is never too early (or too late) to manifest and claim this energy in life.

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