You don’t need to go out in the rain to jump in the puddles… you can turn on the volume at home or in the classroom, and get active with this great kids’ puddles action song!

What Skills Does this Puddles Action Song Help Develop?

This song helps children train a whole lot of different skills:

  • Moving in time to the beat – and respond to changes in tempo
  • Gross motor skills: jumping, stomping, hopping and jogging
  • Listening and responding to instructions
  • Directional movement
  • Spacial awareness

They’ll also learn about different directions, learn new words, and create different ways of moving.

If you’re using the song in the classroom, they’ll learn to move without touching others – and it’s also a great song to help with social inclusion.

Watch “Jump in the Puddles” kids’ music video

The video below will show you the actions that go with the song – so you can get your kids to move and dance around to the music…

Lyrics to “Jump in the Puddles”

Jump in the puddles let’s jump, jump! x 3
I’ve got my gumboots on

Stomp in the puddles let’s stomp, stomp! x 3 
I’ve got my gumboots on

Hop in the puddles let’s hop, hop! x 3
I’ve got my gumboots on

Run in the puddles let’s run, run!
I’ve got my gumboots on

Jump in the puddles let’s jump, jump! x 3
I’ve got my gumboots on
Yes, I’ve got my gumboots on


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