Whether you’re in the classroom or at home, Everybody Do This is a fun learning activity for young kids, from toddlers to kindergarteners! 

The concept for this game is a bit like a musical version of Simon Says.

Watch the video below for Judi Cranston’s training on this learning activity, or scroll below to read more!


How to Play the Everybody Do This Learning Activity

The leader (usually you!) can grab tappers, shakers, beanbags, or other fun props, and lead children through a wide range of movements. 

Each time you play, you can focus on gross motor skills or fine motor skills to incorporate even more developmental opportunities. 

This game encourages creativity while developing rhythm, which helps children feel a sense of control and accomplishment while doing the activity.

Try shaking a shaker while balancing on one leg, or crouching while tossing a beanbag and jumping to catch it!

In the kindyRock Teachers Club, our theme this quarter is Getting Outdoors. With this in mind, you can try this activity outside with outdoor props or a parachute to add another dimension of fun.

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