Dance around with kindyRock!

There’s nothing like getting kids movin’ and groovin’! We’ve put together this playlist of kindyRock toddler dancing songs that will get toddlers dancing and moving around to the music!

Toddlers can be extremely active – and there’s no better way to get little ones to move around than to dance or perform actions to the music.

You can use these in the classroom, playgroup, or at home to work on skills or just have fun.

Here are a few of the awesome songs you will find in the playlist!

Toddler Dancing Songs – Jack in the Box

A fun song, using our imagination to pretend to be a Jack in a Box. Hide down low, then pop up!

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Peek a Boo!

A Peek a Boo song was written to encourage developing the skill of object permanence for babies (understanding that things don’t go away just because we can’t see them) and can be lots of fun using with puppets and toys as well.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Floating Scarves

Stimulate babies’ senses with this soothing, colorful song and video. You can use scarves to demonstrate ways of moving, stimulate imagination, and get babies to focus attention on hand-eye coordination.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Jump Up and Down

This is an easy song to get children moving. Great with scarves, ribbon, or stars.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Teddy’s Drum

This is a fun song to bring children’s toys along to play the drums! Kids will love playing the drums at different speeds and volumes.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Zippity Zap

This song uses instruments plus a few actions as well. Great for sitting and playing! It helps develop musical skills like tapping to the beat, understanding dynamics like volume and tone, and singing along to a simple melody.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Wibble, Wobble – Jelly on the Plate

A fun song to dance around to! Tons of action words to keep kids dancing around and having loads of fun.

Or listen here!


Toddler Dancing Songs – Wriggly Song

This song includes actions like wiggling your fingers, toes, elbows and nose. It also includes directional movement. Have even more fun being creative by making up your own actions!

Or listen here!



You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify, along with some other dancing songs toddlers will love!

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