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Calm Kids Down Using Music

Relax and calm down

How can music help calm kids down?   There is no doubt that music has the ability to change and influence our emotions. Think of certain songs that pull on your heart strings – perhaps take you back to another time in your life or remind you of someone special. Some music immediately makes us…

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Goodbye Song for Transition Time

Goodbbye to you my friend

Saying goodbye at the end of the day or musical session can be a bittersweet end to a great day for your kids. Keep smiles on those faces with this goodbye transition song that is great for preschoolers and other children. This is a short and sweet way to say goodbye, but even it can…

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Toddler Dancing Songs – Action Songs to Make Toddlers Dance

Kid Dancing

Dance around with kindyRock! There’s nothing like getting kids movin’ and groovin’! We’ve put together this playlist of kindyRock toddler dancing songs that will get toddlers dancing and moving around to the music! Toddlers can be extremely active – and there’s no better way to get little ones to move around than to dance or…

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Hello Song for Kids Transition Time [video]


This simple hello song for kids to sing along with is the perfect start to a kindyRock musical learning session and to say hello to your playgroup or classroom!   Not only is it a fun way to start the day, it also brings a sense of inclusiveness to the group and is fun to…

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6 Ways Musical Instruments Help Children Learn

Preschooler with musical instrument

The best way for children to learn at a young age is by making learning fun! Listening, dancing, and moving around to music are great ways to do that. Kids love to use their bodies to express themselves. At kindyRock, we like to combine dance and musical instruments for the best learning and fun possible.  Which musical…

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What Makes Good Kids Songs?

kindyRock music education activity with class of preschoolers

All good kids songs have three things in common: The songs are easy and fun for small children to sing and dance along to, The music is appropriate for their age and level of development, Children learn something new from them – a new skill, new words, new actions, playing instruments,…   Let’s dive into…

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