Using instruments is a great way to add some fun and another dimension to musical learning.


Traditional instruments can be expensive adding extra costs that might not work for your home, school, or classroom budget.


The good news is that this gives you the opportunity to be creative and make instruments out of everyday objects around you!


Check out this video Judi has done where she shows how you can take some ordinary kitchen utensils and make great music with them! 



Here are some of our favorites:

  • A grater
  • A strainer/sieve/colander
  • Wooden spoons
  • Wooden chopsticks 
  • Measuring cups
  • Metal bowls
  • Metal pots
  • Plastic bowls or plates
  • Shakers made of uncooked beans or rice in containers
  • Plastic bottles


Try these out in your home and see what other amazing sounds you can discover around. No matter their age, kids will love using their imagination and being creative.

Once you’ve got your handmade instruments, the fun doesn’t stop! 


Each “instrument” can be played in different ways. Like Judi showed us in the video above, holding your instrument in different positions and hitting different points on it can result in even more sounds.


Now that you have your instruments and you know the different sounds it can make, it’s time to start challenging yourself and the children to play in different ways! 


Try playing along to this kindyRock favorite, I Can Play on the Beat! 



For even more songs to play along to, check us out on YouTube!


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