During the warmer weather, your child may start noticing new things in the world around them – including insects like bees and butterflies!

Here is the Beehive is a great way to introduce our pollinator friends to small children! Help toddlers and preschoolers understand the important role bees play in the world, helping pollinate beautiful flowers, producing delicious food, and more!



This song can be used in many different ways as well, to keep the lesson engaging and fun!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a parachute as the “hive” and choose 5 children as “bees” to act out the song
  • Use your hands as the imaginary beehive and count up to 5 imaginary bees
  • Sing along with the tempo, learning to go from slow to a faster beat
  • Use finger puppets or stuffed animals as the bees


We’d love to know how you incorporate this song into your lesson plans! 


Looking for more ways to teach kids about bees? Check out these fun ideas:


Talk to a Local Beekeeper

Whether virtually or in-person, having a chat with a bee professional can help children conquer any fears they may have about the small insects, answer burning questions, and instill a healthy respect for nature!


Draw bees

Kids love to explore their creative side. Create a beehive out of a small container, like a wastebasket or plastic container. Then let the kids draw their very own bees to fill up the hive!


Take a Nature Walk

If you have local forestry or gardens, plan some outdoor time to visit the bees in their natural habitat. Make sure to stress safety first and be alert for any possible allergies. Seeing the bees hard at work can be inspiring and help you explain the pollination process.


Snack Time with Honey

What better way to help kids appreciate our bee friends than by sharing honey with them? 


Here are some additional resources to learn more about bees as well!


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