Music Licensing

Music Licensing

National and international laws prevent you from playing kindyRock music to a public audience, or for commercial gain unless you have a license or express permission from the copyright holder. You can solve this easily by adding an appropriate kindyRock Public Performing License to your shopping cart.

If you are playing KindyRock music outside of home in a community non profit making group then you will need a community public performing license.

To make things easy if you purchase Rock the Planet this will cover your licensing requirements.

If you are not sure which license will apply to you then feel free to contact the kindyRock office.

Please note: If you are playing KindyRock music at home or in a day-care, Early Learning Centre, Kindergarten or School in New Zealand or Australia then you DON'T need a music license. However, currently schools in New Zealand and Australia do need to tell APRA/AMCOS that you are using our songs, you can do this by filling in the APRA/AMCOS survey when requested. This law is currently being reviewed and changes are likely to mean that all early childhood education institutions will need to purchase licenses ( Feb 2017).